Junjou Decamelon

Junjou Decamelon


The story's protagonist Hoshiya-kun has recently moved to Tokyo. He loves the stars and often watches them in the park. Once he met a tall girl who was naked under her coat. Soon he met her again when she transferred to his class. The girl's name was Kaeko Momota and she explained her strange act to the hero. And all because of her height and shyness - the girl wanted to walk in the park naked and a little to loosen herself and gain courage. Their relationship began to blossom rapidly and soon they went on their first date to the planetarium. Finding herself in complete darkness and surrounded by many people, Kaeko couldn't help herself and pounced on Hoshiya-kun....
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Based on erotic manga by Kotoyoshi Yumisuke (琴義弓介).

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