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Junk Story

  • Released : 21. January 1999
  • Censored

* Based on the manga by Oogure Ito. This explores the relationship between a well equipped cyborg and the bounty hunter Mariko O'Brian....

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Mezzo Forte

  • Released : 25. May 2000
  • Uncensored

For Mikura, danger is routine and killing is just like breathing. Sleek and sexy, she was born with a gun in each hand and a smile on her face. She specializes in taking risks, but things get a little...

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Jinkou Shoujo: Henshin Sex Android

  • Released : 13. February 2009
  • Uncensored

Takuya, the nerdy kind of guy who works at a convenience store and is into cosplay idols, has led a pretty average life up till now. So according to the inverse correlation between nerdiness and chick...

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