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* Based on the erotic manga Waisetsu Missile by Taropun. These OVAs are a compilation of incoherent short stories, about various students. OVA #1 The first short story is about a girl named Suzuno who is having sex with two boys at the same time. In the second story, the poor heroine seems to naturally attract sex spirits. These spirits very often rape her until they are satisfied. The last story centers around a girl who seems to have amnesia. A guy who found her collapsed on the ground and brought her to his room, now claims to be her boyfriend and names her Miku. OVA #2 In the first story, a manager offers her body to help the members of her club, to overcome their various problems. The second story is about a girl who is troubled with her slow-witted boyfriend and accepts the offer for help from a experienced friend.

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