Shitai wo Arau The Animation

Shitai wo Arau The Animation


Mai was happily about to be married until she lost her fiancee, Yuji, in a tragic accident. Mai thought all hope was lost and there was no way to have his child anymore; however, she remembered his research. With the research, they are able to create a living being from a mere sample of DNA. Mai heads for the research facility but is told she doesn't have enough money for the procedure.

Seeing her dedication, the doctor sends Mai to the research group's headquarters anyway. There, she is introduced to a special team called the DNA Hunters, but in order to become a member, she must pass a test she isn't ready for...

Additional Informations:

This is not for the weak of heart or stomach! This hentai contains necrophilia and guro (Blood fetishism-centred pornography). You have been warned. Watch at your own risk.

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